Discount Luxury Linens Bedding

Discount Luxury Linens Luxury linens (and better yet, luxury discount linens bedding)!

The very words evoke images of comfort, style, and joy. Did you know that feeling comfortable will actually help you get a better night’s sleep? It’s true and luxury bedding is certainly comfortable.

Until recently, however, luxury bed sheets were thought to be available only to the rich in their exotic homes or at suites in upscale hotels. But now, there are a variety of ways to get discount bed & bedding that can transform your bedroom into a perfect hideaway – a retreat that is all your own!

Luxury in the bedroom hasn’t always been the case, however.  Here’s a bit of history:

•    In the beginning…everyone slept on the cold, hard ground. It didn’t take long however before men and women started putting mounds of leaves, twigs, and straw together to create a more comfortable way to sleep. By 3400 B.C., Egyptian pharaohs raised a pallet off the ground and during the Roman Empire ornate beds were used as a place to eat meals and entertain socially. In many cultures, over many centuries, the bed was considered to be a status symbol as well as a place to sleep. By the way, the expression “sleep tight” comes from the 16th and 17th centuries when mattresses were placed on top of ropes that needed regular tightening.

•    The Industrial Revolution is credited with the development of the steel coil spring, with the innerspring mattress created in 1871. But the mattresses were still rather primitive, filled with cotton, coconut fiber, wool, and horse hair. The problem with this bedding was that it was subject to all sorts of attack by bugs, mildew, and bacteria. After all, where do you think the saying “Don’t let the bed bugs bite?” came from?

•    So in the early 1900’s the public as well as bedding manufacturers fought for sanitary bedding laws, which we now take for granted. An entire industry of mattresses and bedroom décor has since flourished. First, was the rise of innerspring mattresses and upholstered foundations, followed by futons, foam rubber mattresses and pillows, modern waterbeds, adjustable beds, and air beds.

So where are we now? In the 1990’s, “spacious sleeping” became the norm with the queen-size mattress beating, for the first time, the twin! Since then, beds have only gotten bigger and the choices for bedding more diverse.

Now that we have safe, comfortable, large mattresses we want to enjoy them, furnish them, and show off our bedrooms! With the current financial situation, finding luxury discount linens bedding is all the more important! This website is all about providing information and resources to help you find good prices and luxury bedding sales! We will provide access to bed linens online catalogue. If you want boutique bedding without the boutique pricing, click here to find silk, satin or designer products at favorable prices. We believe that everyone, regardless of income, deserves luxury discount bed linens in their home! (By the way, Wikipedia has a short history of bedding on its site.)

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